Our taps change out frequently, but the list below reflects what we’ve got on tap this very moment. From our flagship IPA and Lager to our unique seasonal brews and hard seltzers, there’s something for everyone.

Featured Beer

This Belgian blonde ale blends the natural fruity esters, characteristic of the style

Peach Belgian Blonde

Your princess is in another castle, but enjoy this delightful take on a fruited Trappist Single while you are here! This Belgian blonde ale blends the natural fruity esters, characteristic of the style, with a punch of fresh peach puree to create an easy drinking fruit beer.

Main Street American Lager

Main Street is a crisp medium-bodied, pre-prohibition American-style lager featuring subtle grain and hop aromas reminiscent of simpler times.  

16oz Draft: 7.00

Cream Ale

An American Cream Ale infused with raw clover honey, milk sugar, orange peel, and natural vanilla flavor to create a velvety smooth, medium-bodied, and delectably delicious interpretation on this American classic.  

16oz Draft: 7.00

Citralicious American IPA

This American IPA is brewed with whole tangerine puree and generously dry-hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops to enhance the delicious tropical flavors and aromas.  

16oz Draft: 8.00

Mosaic Goat DIPA

This Double IPA was crafted to showcase a sticky blend of Cashmere, El Dorado, and Mosaic hops.  

16oz Draft: 8.00

Irish Red Ale

Our malty spring seasonal is back just in time for St Patrick's Day! This smooth seasonal ale, speckled with caramel and toffee undertones, has a nice touch of dryness along with a splash of sweetness, providing a great balanced taste and finish.  

16oz Draft: 7.00

Copper Coins Oatmeal Stout

This delightful Oatmeal Stout balances rich chocolate malt with subtle roast and coffee flavors.  

16oz Draft: 7.00

Danger Stick Dunkel

Paying homage to our retired multitool, extendo-gasket-grabbing, and fearless reacher of out of reach objects, the Danger Stick! This delightful Dunkelweizen combines the delicious malty flavors of an amber ale with the enticing effervescence and aromas of a hefeweizen.  

16oz Draft: 7.00

Golden Stout

Golden Stout?!? Roasted malts typically found in Stouts have been replaced with Cocoa Nibs and cold brewed coffee from our friends at Café Kreyol in Manassas, VA.  

16oz Draft: 7.00

Goats In Space

Back from an intergalactic journey our Mosaic Goat returns as a massively dry hopped Hazy Double India Pale Ale.  

16oz Draft: 8.00

Mr. Lightside Lager

A crushable American Light Lager brewed with barley and rice to create a clean, light, crisp and refreshing finish at only 3.  

16oz Draft: 7.00

Hard Seltzer - Pineapple

Brewed from sugar cane for a refreshing light gluten reduced experience.  

12oz Can: 5.00