Project Description

Sour • Wild Fermentation • Barrel Aged

Brynhildr: Maiden Voyage

7% ABV • 0 IBU

Mixed Fermented Sour • RELEASE 3/3

We cultivated a wild yeast from our historic Thomasson Barn and blended it with Lactobacillus to create an old-world, barrel-aged, and extremely complex soured Sahti. Charred Oak, Spruce, Banana Bread, and hints of Bourbon are all supporting aromas in this delicious and limited lip-puckering sour.

Pairings: Charcuterie and salted meats, bleu and goat cheeses, & fresh fruit citrus fruits.

Glassware: Snifter, $8
32 oz Growler/Crowler: $10/$11
64 oz Growler: $22

1/2 BBL: No Sale
1/6 BBL: No Sale