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Brewing Process Equipment:

MILLING, 1 Malt Mill & Auger System BREW HOUSE, One 30 BBL (Brew Kettle, Lauter Tun & Mash Tun, Plate Heat Exchanger, Hot & Cold Liquor Tanks) FERMENTATION, Four 60 BBL Fermentation Tanks FERMENTATION, Two 30 BBL Fermentation Tanks AGING, One 60 BBL Conditioning Tanks PACKAGING, One Conveyor Canning System (45-60 cans/min) – Coming soon: PACKAGING, One Auto Keg Filler System (34 kegs/hr)

Brewing Production:

Phase 1: (Yr 1-2) 4000 BBLS. Phase 2: (Yr 3 & beyond) 15,000-20,000 BBLS (Fully Operational). The brewery will produce beer year-round that will be packaged, kegged, enjoyed on site and eventually distributed.

Kegging & Canning Capacity:

Kegging -55 ½ bbl per day Canning Line-12 oz = 9000 per day (Fully Operational)

Brewery Building Design/Concept:

In envisioning the modern brewery facility, we strived to create a place where the beauty and liveliness of the complete beer cycle–from the agriculture to the brewing process–can be visible and revealing; reinforcing the path from farm to pint. The compatible but differentiated brewery design respects the historic integrity of the adjacent Thomasson barn, which serves as a dramatic backdrop for the entire experience.

Pour Hours: Sunday 11am – 9pm • Monday – Closed • Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 11pm

Extended Hours Based on Event Schedule­