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Pale Ale

Dry Hopped – Balanced

6.5% ALC/VOL I 42 IBU


Cream Ale

Sweet – Malty – Refreshing Finish

6.0% ALC/VOL I 18 IBU


Black IPA

Full Bodied – Hop Forward

8.5% ALC/VOL I 100 IBU



Light – Earthy – Refreshing

6.0% ALC/VOL I 30 IBU



Roasted – Big – Primal

9.5% ALC/VOL I 72 IBU

Our Seasonal Beers

Irish Red Ale

ABV 5.5 – IBU 22

Biscuit and bread aromas upfront with toffee and caramel undertones. This medium bodied and dry spring time seasonal is complemented by a smooth finish and creamy mouthfeel.

Imperial IPA

ABV 9.4 – IBU 81

Strong American Double IPA. A complex double IPA bursting with dark citrus and over ripened fruit aromatics. This smooth IPA on steroids showcases the Azacca hop variety which is named after Haitian god of agriculture.

Country Porter

ABV 6.2 – IBU 31

Robust Porter. A complex medium bodied Porter with upfront hints of chocolate, coffee, and roasted notes that finishes with a subtle smoke aftertaste. Fun fact: the brew team actually smoked their grain in-house to create the smoke flavors. While many wood varieties were considered the team ultimately settled on Hickory for it’s strong, sweet, and bold flavors. Here for a limited time only!

SMaSH Idaho #7

ABV 6.0 – IBU 38

The second iteration of our popular SMASH series featured hop variety (Idaho #7) produces pungent tropical fruit and citrus (apricot, orange, red grapefruit, & papaya) flavors with big notes of resiny pine and hints of black tea.

Czech Pilsner

ABV 5.1 – IBU 41

Czech Premium Pale Lager.  Our golden, crisp, malty, and slightly bittered Czech Premium Pale Lager was crafted with hops, specialty grains, and yeast traditionally used by breweries from the Czech Republic & surrounding European nations. Here for a limited time only! 

*Available for tap room sales only, no keg sales.

Pour Hours: Sunday 11am – 9pm • Monday – Closed • Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 11pm

Extended Hours Based on Event Schedule­