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We don’t just make beer; we make craft beer.

We’re independently owned, small, and use traditional brewing methods and ingredients. We focus exclusively on making distinctive, high-quality beers that taste nothing like mass-produced lagers. Our state-of-the-art brewery, operated by a crew of 12–18, will be led by Head Brewer and co-founder Forrest Morgan. Approximately 14,000 square feet, the facility will also house our canning and kegging operation as well as our quality assurance lab.

Marcus Silva

Principal and Chairman of 2 Silos Brewing Co.

Marcus Silva is the Principal and Chairman of 2 Silos Brewing Co.  He brings a diverse background and skill set that encompasses asset management, marketing, design development and operations.

Over the past twenty years, he has built a family of companies ranging from construction management and development to hospitality, food and beverage.  Marcus can best be described as an imagineer and is the creative force behind the design and development of Farm Brew LIVE at Innovation Park, the backdrop to our 2 Silos brewery facility.

Marcus lives in northern Virginia with his wife and partner in all things, Colette, and their two children, two dogs, a turtle and a hamster.  Marcus is an alumni of George Mason University and served in the United States Air Force.

Forrest Morgan

Co-Founder & Head Brewmaster

Forrest’s primary role includes overseeing all aspects of brewery operations and recipe development but has also been known to serve as janitor, bartender, technician, & an overall nice guy.  Mr. Morgan has a background in mechanical engineering, graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University, before converting to brewer  (and mad scientist)- in pursuit of his craft beer vision.

Known as the “old soul” in the company – and at home, Forrest and wife Jackie are also proud parents of baby Madeline and fur-baby Tallulah (all four pounds of fury). With his unusually long arm span of over 6 feet, Forrest can (and does) hug the brewery’s hop back frequently.

He has hand-selected his brewery production team to turn his vision into reality, which accounts for over 30+ years of production and QA experience.

Erica Davidson

Quality Assurance

Erica enjoys all things earthy! From her degree in Horticulture from Virginia Tech, to creating and running a water quality lab with Culpeper County, to craft beer lab technician for the past three years, she has a true passion for the science and safety of the industry. Erica has received her Beer Server Certification from Cicerone Certification Program and graduated the Beer Quality and Analysis Series at Oregon State University. Known by co-workers as a friend to all animals, including her two cats, Erica is also considered the “adventurer.”  When not donning the lab coat in the Quality Assurance Lab, she can be found out in nature, exploring on her bike or gardening. In fact, Erica dreams of traveling the world sampling beers along the way and writing about her experiences from the uniqueness of a custom camper-van.

Bill McHugh


Bill assists Forrest in brewery operations. He has a real passion for learning, experimenting and making great beers that tantalize the palate. Mr. McHugh is from New York where he studied meteorology at SUNY Oswego and as a homebrewer studied with Siebel Institute. While in New York, Bill worked for Knucklehead Brewing before moving to Virginia and working with Sweetwater Tavern. Bill is an avid hockey player and plays for a local team in Haymarket. In years past, each winter he would build an ice rink in his backyard in New York and invite friends and family to his “winter fest” where they could play a little hockey and enjoy his brews.

Bill is known as the “classic” amongst the team and enjoys the science of brewing as well as being able to experiment to develop new bold beers.

Vanessa Tewilliager

General Manager, The Pour House

Vanessa is our resident sleuth, pen aficionado, note-taker, planner, and a genuinely warm and enthusiastic co-worker. She has an extensive background in management that she know applies to all things The Pour House. Born and raised in California, she moved to Virginia to attend college and studied Forensic Science and minored in Criminal Justice. Vanessa is one of three siblings, the middle child and only girl. She is also a proud new aunt to a beautiful baby niece named Michaela. With family in Michigan, California, Mexico, and Virginia, she’s a seasoned traveller and has fond memories of riding the beach sand dunes on ATV’s with her cousins.

Nelson Garcia

Head Sous Chef

Nelson was previously the Executive Chef at Kona Grill in Arlington, VA., and has over 20 years’ experience in the restaurant industry. He has a great deal of experience opening restaurants and contributing to their success. Born and raised in El Salvador, he moved to the U.S. after he finished his schooling in 2005 and first got into the restaurant industry as a dishwasher. Since then, he has been awarded and recognized multiple times for his dedication and hard work. He’s married and has two sons and, in his spare time, enjoys taking his two boys to the park to play soccer. Nelson also enjoys traveling with his family to the beach, as long as he’s kept firmly on the ground while doing so, and away from ships and airplanes.

Clarice Lelle

Director of Events and Sales

Clarice Lelle, Director of Events and Sales, manages all planning & execution of private events. She makes sure each event comes off seamlessly, no matter the size, the occasion or guest list. Born in Washington, D.C., Clarice is tri-lingual, having been raised with a German father and a French mother, she knew food was in her blood.  Armed with a degree in Media Arts from James Madison University, a Pastry Arts from L’Acadamie de Cuisine, and over 15 years in the hospitality industry, she’s a creative threat with a keen understanding of special events and what it takes to ‘get it done’ and done right. She’s managed events ranging from corporate, social, political, and presidential.

Pour Hours: Sunday 11am – 9pm • Monday – Closed • Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 11pm

Extended Hours Based on Event Schedule­